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No new KiTTiE news as of yet. Just letting you all know that I haven't forgotten about this page!

Happy Holidays! Go vote for KiTTiE to be on the next Ozzfest. Click HERE!

An update, FINALLY. KiTTiE has a new official website up and running, so remember to change all your bookmarks and links. Click here to see it.

Added some new links. Looks like the Artemis lawsuit is still going strong. Click here to find out the latest.

Added a new link. Not much else is going on. If you're totaly bored, go visit my personal site. Bye now!

Since there's no real "new" things happening with KiTTiE, I've had to come up with other things to satisfy my KiTTiE craving. So, I've been looking around at many fansites. There's a new link, plus some new Jennifer & Talena pics.

I can't believe that it's been this long! As most of you know, KiTTiE is currently in the middle of a law suit with their record company. Not much else is going on in their world. I removed all those annoying commet cursors today, so the site should load faster. Plus, I've added the Safe EP to the discography.

Happy Holidays to you and all yours. The Safe ep is now out... go pick it up! Click here to view and send holiday greetings from KiTTiE. There's also a new link in the links section of this site. More updates soon!

Added two new links and got rid of some broken links. Added a Jeff pic and two Fallon pics.
Fallon has moved & updated the AA site. It looks really great! Plus, there's new pics on it, yay!

New link, new Jennifer pic, & a new Tanya pic.

I now have a link banner for this site! Go grab it if ya want it.

New pics in the "Band Pics" section & a new link in "Links". Hopefully I'll be updating more often sometime soon.

More links added to the links section.
KiTTiE is hitting the road again. Go the to official site for the tour dates and other tour related info. They come to my town July 9, I can't wait!!!


Phew, been really busy lately, and haven't had much time for computer stuff. Now, lets get to the updates!

Fallon has a new solo project called Amphibious Assault. To take a look at that, click here (link also in the "Links" section).

Added a link to another KiTTiE fansite in the links section.

New reason given for Talena's departure (this info comes from Pandoras Litterbox): Apparently she was given a contract to sign that would have been to no benefit of her, and was told to either sign it or leave the band. KiTTiE had already hired Jennifer before even giving Talena the contract. This has not been confirmed, and I doubt that it ever will be due to KiTTiE's history with being tight-lipped about former members.

New pics in Morgan, Jennifer, & Jeff's pic sections.
New link in the Links section
Figured that perhaps it would be better not to have KiTTiE's email addys on here, so I deleated the "Contact KiTTiE" page.
Thats all for now, more later!

KiTTiE is in the process of getting the In Winter video shot and out there on the airwaves. Look for it soon!
I've reorganized the Band pics section. Now there are 3 catagories. Added new pics to the Current Lineup catagorie. Also, one new pic of Jennifer in her section and a new link in the links section. Also, took all the old new that would normally be under this update and gave it it's own section. Click the link above to see that. Plus, I just added another webpoll. Vote, please!!! Thats about it for now, kiddies, so I must go! This your lovely webmistress, over & out.

Oh no! Friday the 13th come on a Monday! *lol* Ok, now off to the serious stuff. Changed the home page pic. Nice, no? Plus, I've added the link to the KiTTiE fanlisting to the links section. I'm on there under Talena fans. I even used my real name, go figure... Also, I've added a "Vote for this site" link to the Talena Is The Shit top sites! Please, gimmie a vote!

Today I got a very nice email from Rachel, who runs the KiTTiE site Nightmaric Shadows. She wanted me to do a link exchange with her. So, now that link is also in the "Links" section.
Also, please vote for this site in the Bad Girls Go To Hell topsites...I'll love you forever if you do!

Updated "About the Webmistress"
Added a link to the "What member of KiTTiE are you?" quiz to the links section.

Just thought that I'd let you all know that this site is now linked from the Official Jennifer Arroyo website, Lady J! Go to the links section to check out her kick ass site.

Added the vids for "Pain" & "Run Like Hell" to the multimedia section

Don't get me wrong, I love and miss Talena like bloody crazy, but I have realized that it's time to start moving on. Due to that I have added more info to Jennifer's section, added new KiTTiE pics with Jennifer & Jeff in them to the band pics section, and added the link to Jennifer's official website to the links section. Plus, and interview with Jennifer from Enjoy!

KiTTiE has released the following statement on their website:
"We are so sad and disappointed that Talena chose to leave the band. We wish she would have stayed with us, but we view it as an opportunity for a new beginning and promise our fans a more mature and ferocious band with the addition of Arroyo on bass."
Jennifer J. Arroyo made her debut on bass March 29th at Chantilies in Manchester, NH where KiTTiE kicked off the first leg of their "Run Like Hell" tour. Go to for tour dates.
I have added "Oracle" lyrics to the "Lyrics" section. Also added a few and cleaned up the "Links" section. Long overdue. Go check it out!

Just got news that Talena has Left KiTTiE. Went to go check the official site, and all Talena's pics have been removed. Once again, just like what happened with Fallon, no reason has been given. I'm starting to think that maybe the Lander sisters are a little hard to get along with... I still like KiTTiE, I always will, but I'm starting to lose my hard-core fanatic passion for all things KiTTiE. I'll post more as more news comes up. Oh, and go check out the pics of the new bassist, Jennifer J Arroyo.

Jennifer J. Pics and Info

FINALLY got to update. Put some pics up in the "Band Pics"
Removed some dead links and added a new link in "links"
BTW, the KiTTiE concert on 1-6-02 kicked ASS! Plus, it was on Morgan's b-day, but no one did nething for her. Whadda bummer.

Had to delete the message board due to problems with the server. Got a guestbook instead. Please, sign it.
Also, I'm going to see KiTTiE tomarrow! Yay!

What I Always Wanted vid now in the multimedia section. Go check it out now! has a review of some sorts on the new KiTTiE disk. They also briefly discuss the departure of Fallon. Click the link below for a look.

Review at

The new video for "What I Always Wanted" is finished and will start airing within the next week on MTV, MTV2, & MTVx. Click the link below to start voting for it on MTV!

Click here to vote!

Added a new Poll to the homepage (you should have seen it by now). Please, vote. This is info I would really like to know!

FINALLY had a chance to add some more stuff to this site. Notice the nifty new home page pic with actuall WRITING on it? The joys of having a photo editor program at your use. *hehe* I also just added a bunch of new promo pics to the band pics secion, plus each girl has at least one new pic in her pics section. Enjoy!
P.S. If anyone knows where I can find some of the early KiTTiE demos for a decent price please email me the info. Thanx!

New Discography section. It took me ages to put together, so please check it out!

New press pic in the "Band Pics" section. Also, the release date for "Oracle" has been changed, yet again. The new date is November 13th.
KiTTiE has released the following statement on their site:
"Our hearts go out to the victims and their families involved in the tragedy in the United States of America. We apologize for not being able to perform at the Boston show but there were no flights into America at the time"---Kittie
I would also like to express my sympathies to all those affected by this tragedy. Goddess bless America!

New pics of the new guitar player and the rest of the band on a recent trip to Australia. Also, you'll notice that I gave Jeff his own section of the page, despite the fact that I still miss Fallon like crazy. Oh well, it's time to start moving on.

Hehe, they have released the new Oracle tracklisting! Yay! Here it is!
2.Mouthful of Poison
3.In Water
5.Run Like Hell
8.What I Always Wanted
10.No Name
11.Pink Lemonade
Also, for those of you in the U.S., KiTTiE has openings in the street team. Go to for more details.

I have actual VIDEO up in the multimedia section now. Many thanx to my buddy, Jake The Peg, for helping me out with them. You da man, Jake!!!

8-21-01 has new Oracle e-cards. They're nothing but a huge tease, but oh well, it's an update on KiTTiE site, which they haven't had in a long time! Click the link below to see for yourself.

The official KiTTiE website

Ok, so after denying it for so long, I have proof. Fallon and KiTTiE HAVE parted ways. I found this out on multipul, reliable sites, follow the links below to see for yourself. We still love you and we'll miss you, Fallon!

Click here to see proof on

Click here to see proof on

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